Why did a wombat turn on her mate?

This is the first time a wombo has been seen biting her mate and the results are terrifying.

A male wombat has been spotted biting his mate’s leg, and has now been reported to the Royal Society of Veterinary Surgeons (RVS).

“The bite has a very unpleasant smell and you feel as if you’ve been bitten by a stowaway,” said Dr Chris Walker, a veterinary specialist from the Royal Veterinary College in Adelaide.

“You can’t really describe it but it is definitely unpleasant.”

The lady’s mate can only go so far in trying to escape the bite and we’ve got to say the best advice for the lady is to keep an eye out for it.

“That’s the only thing we can do.”

The female is believed to have been feeding on the male’s leg.

The male is believed in some way to be in his mid 20s and has been known to bite the legs of his mates, so it is unclear how old he is.

The RVS said the bite was so severe it had left the man with a bruise on his leg and required emergency surgery.

“It is believed that the lady’s husband has not eaten since the bite occurred and she’s now relying on the help of her mate for some assistance,” Dr Walker said.

“If you’re bitten by one of these species and you’re in pain, it’s not good for your health to get bitten by it again.”

It’s quite a scary experience.””

You really need to keep your eye on the lady as soon as you see her and she will be there to help you.

“The RVs website has a video of the incident and you can watch it below.

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