What do you think about the new ‘Kingston’ jersey for the New England Revolution?

What do we think of the new jersey for New England Revs?

The team will wear the Kingston jersey, which has been worn by the club since January.

This is the first time a New England team has worn a Kingston uniform since 2003, when the club adopted the iconic blue and gold jerseys for its inaugural season.

Here’s what we thought: The Kingston is a great design.

The team has been working on this jersey since the early part of the season, and it was designed with a focus on fit and comfort.

The jersey has a neutral silhouette that fits all body types and allows for easy wear.

We like the jersey’s neutral silhouette, but we’re also a bit disappointed with the design of the back.

It’s a little awkward to put on.

The sleeve cuff is a little too high for our liking.

We’d have liked to see a bit more padding on the sleeve.

We also found the shoulder patch on the front to be a bit too big, which didn’t help our overall look.

Overall, the jersey is a solid jersey that does a great job at creating a cohesive look for a club that’s been struggling to find its identity.

There are some issues with the jersey design.

For example, there are four stripes, but only two are visible from the front.

The other three are on the sleeves and shoulder pads, and the team only uses one red stripe in its alternate kit.

The design on the back of the jersey was a little confusing to us, and we’re glad it’s been updated.

The back of this jersey was very different from the one on the shirt.

It had three vertical stripes, and each stripe was a different color.

The stripes were a little bit confusing to the eye, and some of the stripes were not visible from a distance.

We were concerned that the jersey might have been too wide for the average player.

The side panels were also a little unbalanced, which is a concern for us as a fan.

The sleeves and back of these jerseys are slightly oversized.

It looks like the sleeves on these jerseys were a bit longer than we thought.

They’re not very wide and there’s some extra fabric around the sleeves.

We think the jersey would have been a better fit for the typical American player.

We are disappointed with how the back was designed.

It does look like a little “bump and pop” effect to the back, which made us feel like the front was a bit “jammed.”

The jersey also doesn’t have the most flattering collar, which was a concern.

The collar was also a big issue for us.

It was too wide and didn’t allow the jersey to be worn on the collar of our shirts, which were actually designed to be very wide.

Overall: It’s been a difficult season for the Revs.

They were in the playoff hunt before the season ended.

They lost to Montreal in the Eastern Conference Finals and lost to Toronto FC in the Canadian Championship.

This was the team’s third playoff loss in a row, and they lost a first-round playoff game to the Seattle Sounders.

The club had a very difficult start to the season and were outscored 3-0.

They got back to winning ways in Week 2 against Sporting Kansas City, but their run continued to be derailed by injuries and inconsistency.

In Week 3, the Rev’s defense allowed four goals in the first half.

They scored a pair in the second half, but the Rev managed to score a pair of goals in overtime to win.

It seems like the team is rebuilding, but there are still a few areas of the roster that need work.

A few players are still playing with the injury bug.

This has been the season for several of them, and that was something that we had hoped would change with this new jersey.

The players we liked on the roster could help the Rev on the field, but some of those players need to be traded.

There is some room for improvement, but it seems like a positive change to be made.

The jerseys on the left, right, and middle of the picture were all purchased by fans of the Rev. Fans who purchased a jersey from a Rev fan site were given the option to choose the team logo, the name, or the name of the city where they purchased their jersey.

If the team doesn’t pick up the jersey, they can choose the jersey from another fan site that is not affiliated with the Rev, such as a Sporting Kansas Crew or Real Salt Lake fan site.

Fans can choose from four different designs, all of which are available in different colors.

The name on the jersey can be changed in order to match the jersey of another fan who bought it from the Rev fan website.

If a fan chooses to purchase a jersey that matches a different jersey of a different team, that fan gets to pick the jersey that will be worn by that player in the match.

This feature is available on all Rev jerseys, and is a way

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