‘Woodie Mind Games’ hits #1 for India and #2 for #Indians

With the launch of its new ‘Woodies’ app, India has now overtaken China to become the #1 mobile app for gamers in the country, according to research company IISS.

The news comes on the heels of the launch this week of an app titled ‘Woodys’ which is based on a Chinese version of the original game.

Woodies is the first app to debut on Indian app stores and has already garnered over 100,000 downloads from Chinese gamers.

In the last few days, the app has also been downloaded more than 20 million times from China.

The IISS research team also found that users of the app in China have made over 200,000 Facebook likes and more than 500 Twitter followers.

The Chinese players are also heavily engaged with the app.

The app is the brainchild of a 24-year-old gamer named Liu Liu, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Beijing University of Science and Technology.

Liu, who is also an avid gamer, says he started the app with a simple goal: to create a new game with the unique gameplay of Woodies.

“Woodies was first launched in 2010 in China as a new platform for gamers to enjoy new games,” said Liu.

“Now, the popularity of Woodys has grown rapidly, and now, it is time to bring the best of Woodie games to Indian gamers.”

Woodies offers players the opportunity to play as a variety of characters from China’s popular genre, the fantasy genre, which has gained a huge following.

It is currently the #3 best-selling app in the world according to IISS, which makes it one of the top two most popular mobile games.

The game has also earned the title of ‘Best Games of 2010’ in India.

Lupin III: Dangerous Past is also available for download in India and is also being used by the IISS team to analyse gaming trends in India, said the report.

The new app, however, has received little attention from the Chinese gamers and, therefore, it does not stand out in this study.

However, the Chinese players in India seem to be very keen on the game.

IISS found that the Chinese users are spending about 1,000 minutes a day playing the game, while Indian gamers spend almost 7,000.IISS said that over the last year, the number of users of Woody games in India has risen by more than 80 percent, from 1,900 to 4,200.

India has also gained more users of its Woodies app since its launch, the report found.

Ludum Dare has seen a big boost in popularity among Chinese gamers, with more than 15,000 Chinese players logging in since October last year.

This number has grown to over 10,000 players since January last year and has more than doubled since then.

Ludi Wang, who manages the development and strategy of the Ludum Dare team, said that it is the Chinese community’s love for the game that has seen the game reach the top of the charts.

“There is a strong affinity between the Chinese and Indian gamers,” said Ludum Dare founder Ludum Wang.

“It is this love of Ludum that gives the game the unique appeal of an authentic Chinese culture and a Chinese player experience.”

We believe that Ludum is one of Ludus greatest success stories and the Chinese game community has contributed in a big way to its success.

For instance, over 2.5 million people have downloaded Ludum and we have seen over 20,000 people visit the official website of LuduDare,” Wang added.

The Ludum games are now the top-selling games in China and they are gaining momentum with gamers.

“In India, the Ludu app is more popular. “

The popularity of the Chinese version is also not as high as it is in China,” said IISS’ Sudhir Prakash.

“In India, the Ludu app is more popular.

However India is only about 25 per cent of the global population and there are only about 3 million players in the Ludubares community.

India is also one of China’s biggest markets and Ludubare is still very popular there.

It’s a shame that Ludubears popularity has not grown as fast in India.”

While the popularity in India of Ludubarias Ludu Dares app has been increasing, the game is not seeing a significant growth in China, said Prakat.

The Ludu game is also the most popular Ludum app in India but its popularity is not increasing, he said.

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