How to know if you’re playing a political mind game

Politics: What’s happening?


How long will it last?

What are the political ramifications of it?

When and how does it affect your life?

Politics is where all the action happens, but politics is also where our minds play.

In this episode, we’ll look at the political mind games you may be playing right now.

We’ll also discuss the best ways to counter them and what you should do if you find yourself caught up in one.

Politics and politics aside, there’s a lot to keep track of in this podcast episode of Mind Games.

In addition to political minds games, there are plenty of other topics on the agenda.

We cover the latest news in politics, technology, science, and more.

In the first hour of the show, we cover the political games that are happening right now, including the political game that’s killing your job, the latest headlines from around the world, and our take on the election results.

In our second hour, we tackle the news of the day: a political game involving a president and his cabinet, an executive order blocking the resettlement of Syrian refugees, and a Supreme Court nominee who’s trying to block access to abortion.

In fact, the show ends with a conversation about how politics might be the best game to play right now: how to beat it.

The Politics of MindGames podcast is brought to you by: The Political Games Podcast is hosted by our own Rachel Burdick, a politics and media specialist, and we’re proud to offer this podcast in the iTunes store.

Rachel has a deep background in the politics of the United States, including working as a special projects manager at the Office of Special Counsel, a federal government agency.

The podcast was created and developed with help from Rachel, who is also the co-author of The Political Game, an analysis of the most important political games in the world.

This podcast is produced by Vox Media.

Vox Media is a subsidiary of Vox Media Publishing.

You can read more about Vox Media at Vox Media’s website.

Tune in to the podcast to hear about some of the best political minds in the country.

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