Live on Twitch with Mind Games Kingston

Mind Games, the online games that focus on mindfulness, are launching a new online series on Twitch that features Kingston, Ont.

The stream, called Mind Games Kingston, is scheduled to launch today.

The online series will feature Kingston’s community, which hosts a variety of games, videos, and live broadcasts on Kingston-based Twitch channels.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of amazing community members and people who really get involved in the community and make it a place where people can go to relax, have fun, and have their minds challenged,” Mind Games CEO and co-founder Jason Gosset said in a statement.

“Kingston is a place that’s so much more than a place to play games.”

Kingston resident James Brown said he found the series a fun way to get his mind off of a stressful day.

“It’s really nice to just have something to get you through a difficult day, just having something to do and just relax and be present,” he said.

Kingston Mayor Mike Del Grande says the series will help people get back to work and keep busy while on vacation.

“When you go on vacation you can be able to just focus on yourself, and it’s really refreshing to have that focus at the same time,” he told CBC News.

“It really helps with focus.”

Kingstone residents also say Mind Games are part of the community’s resurgence.

“I feel like we’re finally getting our heads out of the sand and actually being involved in something,” said resident Mark Kwan.

“I think we’re going to be a lot more active as a community.”

Kwan says Mind Games is a good way to connect with fellow Kingston residents.

“My family is very into the Mind Games series.

I’m really into the games,” he added.

“People can come and play with us and just get together, and I think that’s really going to help us.”

Mind Games is the brainchild of James Brown, who founded the Mind games group in 2016.

The company was started by his father, who was a doctor in Canada, and is based in Toronto.

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