How to get your butt kicked by a man

The new year is over, and you’re still not sure if you’ve done everything you can to make 2016 feel good.

We’ve all been there.

But there’s one thing you can be certain of: you’ll get your ass kicked.

Here are 10 things to get you back in shape.1.

You need to eat healthierThe American diet is known for having a high intake of sugars, saturated fats, and trans fats, but it’s not always easy to cut them out.

This article will help you know which foods to avoid and which to eat to maintain a healthy weight.


Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.3.

Eat whole grains, vegetables and fruit every day.4.

Eat plenty of lean protein in your diet.5.

Keep your exercise a little less intense than usual.6.

Keep food consumption within reason.7.

Use your willpower to get the most out of your meals.8.

Stick to a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fats.9.

Keep a daily journal.10.

Use supplements to help you stay healthy.1:10: Eat healthier.

Make it a point to get enough exercise.

Don’t try to keep up with your bodyweight and exercise habits.

Eat enough protein and carbs.

Eat one small serving of whole grain foods a day.2:00: Eat a little more protein.

Eat less saturated fat, especially saturated-fat-rich dairy products.3:30: Get enough fat in your fat-burning foods.

Eat 1/2 cup of beans, 1/4 cup of vegetables, or 1/3 cup of lean meat a day to burn off excess calories.4:00 a.m.: Eat a big serving of lean meats a day, and eat 1/8 to 1/6 of your calories from protein a day in addition.5:30 Eat one large serving of vegetables a day with a salad or 2 cups of whole-grain cereal a day for a healthy, balanced diet.6:00 p.m. to 6:00 o.m: Eat one big serving (about 3 cups) of beans a day and eat 2 cups or more of whole grains a day (or other lean meats) to burn the excess calories off.7:30 to 7:30 Eat about 1/5 to 1 cup of fat-free foods a week to burn more calories off of fat.8:00 to 8:00 P.M.: Make a large meal and drink lots of water, or go for a walk.

Eat fewer calories and less protein, especially fat.9:30 to 10:00 A.M.: Drink at least 1/20 to 1 1/10 to 1 3/4 to 1 large serving (10 to 12 ounces) of lean beef a day; if you have a larger appetite, go for the whole 10 ounces.10:00 or later: Take a walk for 30 minutes a day if you’re tired or have trouble sitting up straight.10 a.g.: Do not eat more than 4 ounces of sugar a day unless you’re going for a very low-calorie, calorie-restricted diet.11:30 P.m., 11:30 A.m, 12:00 noon: Eat 3 to 4 cups of lean chicken a day or 1 to 2 cups lean turkey or pork a day on a low-carb diet to help get your fat and carbs burning off faster.12:00, 12 p.p.m.—eat 1/1 to 1-cup-fat, 1-to-2-cup of lean pork or turkey, or lean fish a day—to burn off the excess.13:00 for a full day: Avoid processed foods, processed sugar, and sugar-sweetened beverages.14:00.5, 15:00 and 16:00—eat 2-3 large servings (about 2 cups) a day of vegetables (beets, spinach, collard greens, and tomatoes) or 2-4 large servings of fruits (squashes, cantaloupe, cranberries, grapefruit, oranges, grape, pineapple, mango, and apple).17:00 F.M.—eat 4-5 cups of fruits a day plus 2-5 small servings of vegetables and 1-2 medium servings of lean fish.18:00 in the afternoon—avoid all sugary and salt-sweeteners.19:00 before bedtime—eat a big portion of your protein and lean meats at dinner time.20:00 (after 6 p.d.)—avoid sugar-containing beverages.21:00 is when you need to go for cardio, which means exercising for an hour before bed.22:00 until the next day: Eat an hour of exercise a day that will burn more energy than the other hour of the day.23:00 Until the

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